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Julika Hartz

My name is Julika. I am from Hamburg and so is my work. It stems from the prevalence
of blues and greys, of wind and constant movement, of light reflecting on water. Like
cargo ships on the river Elbe my work carries its freight back and forth, from time to
time exchanging content, not weight.
To discover new shores, I ventured out to England to study Illustration at Norwich
University of the Arts. Since I was always intrigued by the medium of light being the
main storyteller, I dedicated a lot of my time using analog photography as my preferred
method of work.
However, Hans Albers was always right about the pull of home, so that after graduating
NUA, I could not help but return to Hamburg.
Keeping the narrative component to my work, I have since then extended my working
media by moving the two-dimensional imagery into a three-dimensional space, giving it
physical form. I am now experimenting with different materials, forms and figures, while
always keeping the written word close by.
As part of waav I have – together with Katharina – been offering workshops in the fields
of bookbinding and printmaking. Within these workshops we are combining the
workings of the mind with those of the hands, demonstrating simple but effective
methods to create usable as well as enjoyable handmade objects while familiarizing the
participants with the joy of creative manual labour. Check-out our workshop page
(LINK) for updates and offers.


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